I don’t do packages – Silver, Gold or Platinum – sorry. I don’t have a good version of me and a slightly less good version for less money. What I do is give 100% every time, from when you want me to start until when you want me to finish, that’s it, you decide. I also don’t say you can have this number of photographs for some money but this amount for more money. It’s your day and you can have every image I take, they’re your photographs and you’re paying for them.

What I do do is edit the day down to take out the ‘blinkers’ or the duplicates and leave you with a perfectly edited and retouched set of images which comprehensively documents your whole day, from start to finish. Typically this will be between 400 and 500 images. I give you two versions of the same set of images. One set at low resolution which means they are perfect to use online, social media and email and one high-resolution set. You would use these for any printing or album.

I don’t include an album simply because there are so many options available and I believe you’re better seeing the final images first then deciding how best to use or display them. What I do is work with you after your wedding to explain all the many different options available and coordinate any printing or framing. Again it’s really all down to you and whatever you want to do with your photographs. The possibilities are endless.