I’m Chris Blott – documentary-style wedding photographer, lover of natural light and occasional wearer of a really great woolly jumper.

I’ve always loved photographing people. I think it’s the simplicity, and the fact there’s always the possibility you’ll capture something truly unexpected when you photograph natural emotion and real life.

I love the fact that every face is different, and I’ve been incredibly lucky to photograph some of the greats, from Michael Palin, Sean Connery and Chris Hoy, to Alexa Chung, Noel Gallagher and Steve Martin.

My style

I’ve always photographed in a ‘reportage’ or ‘documentary’ style. By simply observing natural events as they unfold, the flow of the day remains uninterrupted, allowing you and your guests to relax and be yourselves.

This calm, unobtrusive approach allows me to capture some really great photos, from the early morning nerves and beautifully natural portraits of the bride, to the intimate moments, the hilarious shots of children being children and the raucous outbursts of pure joy.

I make the most of natural light, and have been known to chase it around the world. But don’t despair if the weather takes a turn for the worst. I love working with the unexpected – and dark clouds, sudden winds and even rain can make for some truly amazing photographs. Just focus on enjoying your day, and I’ll do the rest.

My photographs will always reflect the true vibe of your day, bringing you right back to the exact moment for years to come.  If you would like me to document your unique story, please just get in touch for a chat.


I’ve travelled the world as a fashion photographer, covering the latest looks for top, commercial brands and bridal magazines, so I know how to compose beautifully artistic portraiture and allow a dress to take centre stage.

For me, wedding photography brings all of this together – natural photographs that reflect the unique personality, beauty and story of your wedding day. I love the subtle interactions, the bursts of laughter and tears of pure joy. I also appreciate the details, like the fall of your dress, and when the groom is wearing a really great pair of brogues.

And because I’ve worked with some pretty demanding celebrities, I am perfectly at ease with unexpected events, changes in weather, wardrobe mishaps and even mothers in law.